MandalMotors Corp

MandalMotors is everything one would expect from a company with roots in Mandalorian culture; pragmatic, militaristic, and lethal. MandalMotors has produced some of the deadliest, most recognizable spacecraft in the galaxy. Over the centuries they have cultivated a reputation for rugged survivability and value, as long as you’re willing to pay for it.

MandalMotors has survived in a market dominated by colossal multi-corporate manufacturers such as Kuat Drive Yards, Corellian Engineering Corporation, and Sienar Fleet Systems. MandalMotor’s designs are as rugged and pragmatic as their business practices. They produce quality products for a niche corner of the starship market, and their customers value their wares. MandalMotors also has a unique form of advertising; many Mandalorians operating throughout the galaxy pilot vehicles produced by MandalMotors. The sight of squadrons of sinister-looking starfighters sweeping enemy fighters aside, or reports of pirate vessels being decimated by Mandalorian pursuit ships is enough to bring buyers and their credits to MandalMotors. While the quality of materials used in construction of the mass-market models are lower than the materials used in the “homeworld” models, buyers are still purchasing a quality starship.

As with Mandalorian culture, MandalMotors is not above adapting and using technology obtained from other sources. Several members of the company serve as “talent scouts” and “field researchers”; executives who go looking for bright scientists and engineers that they can coerce away from other corporations. MandalMotors has participated in industrial espionage to aquire new designs or technologies from time to time. It’s not common, but when they do they’re very careful about not leaving behind evidence of their involvement.

The organization structure of MandalMotors draws heavily on their Mandalorian roots. Anyone from any walk of life can join MandalMotors and prove their worth to the corportation. MandalMotors employees do not place bias on race or gender; everyone has an equal chance to excel if their work merits it. If they do their job, and do it well, the employee may advance far in the company.

Gaining status in MandalMotors is a combination of aptitude, luck, and participation in a day-to-day battle for status in the company. MandalMotors executives are expected to do more as they ascend the corporate ladder, not less. Their counterparts in more traditional corporations would be shocked if they had to endure what an Executive VP in MandalMotors has to. The managment of MandalMotors are, for the most part, semi-retired Mandalorian Warriors, Bounty Hunters, and Supercommandos. These executives continue to train to keep their warrior edge, going out into the field periodically on extended “research expeditions” and “fact-finding tours”.

MandalMotors uses their warrior edge in the board room as well. Negotiations with rival corporations and potential buyers are cut and dry; they get one offer, take it or leave it. If the other party declines the transaction, and attempts to renegotiate at a later time, they may find MandalMotor’s offer to be less favorable than before. Most companies that have dealt with MandalMotors either take the first offer, or decide not to do business at all.

There is little difference in MandalMotors if you’re a scientist, and engineer, an economist, or a “field researcher”. All that matters is that you do the work you’re assigned, and help the company succeed.

Type: Corporation
Enemies: Various starship manufacturers (specific corporations change to mere rivals and back again)
Allies: Mandalorians, the Bounty Hunter Guilds
Rivals: Kuat Drive Yards, CEC, Sienar Fleet Systems, most other starship manufacturers
Scale: 15

Experience +1/2 Character Level
Trained in Mechanics +1
Trained in any Knowledge Skill +1
Has the Tech Specialist Feat +1
Has the Starship Engineer Feat +2
Has Skill Focus in Mechanics or any Knowledge skill +1 per feat (max +5)
Is a Mandalorian +1
Discovers a new technology that can benefit the company +1
Recruits a new employee to MandalMotors +1
Aquires new equipment for MandalMotors +1 per 10,000cr (max +5)
Wealthy +1 per 20,000 cr (max +5)
Reviled -1/4 character’s Dark Side Score
Steals equipment from MandalMotors -1 per 1,000cr, max -5
Has an active bounty against them -5
Has a Death Mark against them -10
0 3 or less None
1 4-8 New Hire: The New Hires of MandalMotors have a hard career ahead of them. They are expected to show the rest of the company why they were brought on. It’s not all hazing and disdain from the seasoned members of MandalMotors, the rest of the company knows that the new ideas and concepts these people bring are the future of the company. New Hires may add any one Intelligence based skill to their Class list.
2 9-16 Engineer/Researcher/Analyst: After the New Hire shows their merit and value to MandalMotors, they’re treated as an equal among the bulk of the employees in the company. These employees receive no penalties to Persuassion checks made to change the attitude of other employees of MandalMotors.
3 17-24 Junior Executive: Some employees in MandalMotors show exceptional skill or ability that benefits the company. After years of dedicated service, or several instances of merit, an employee is made a Junior Executive in MandalMotors. Team Leaders, Account Managers, Senior Field Researchers; the specific titles are numerous, but they all mark a member of the company entrusted with greater responsibility and empowered to lead teams within MandalMotors. Junior Executives pay no licensing fees when purchasing Licensed or Restricted equipment.
4 25-30 Vice-President: The title of Vice-President is granted to those employees of MandalMotors who oversee one of the many branches within the company. All employees from any given branch of the company ultimately answer to the Vice President of their division. It’s also noted that MandalMotors has a large number of Vice Presidents of “Field Research” and “Weapons Applications”. These VPs do not have a team reporting to them, per se, as much as they are field agents of the company that have a lot of clout or sway when it comes to requesitioning men or material. Vice Presidents can spend a Force point to immediately secure equipment worth 1,000 credits x their Character level.
5 31+ Executive Officer: The Executive Officers of MandalMotors handle the day to day operations of the company. From finance to contract negotiations to the direction of research, the Executive Officers steer the company as mandated by the Board of Directors. Executive Officers have less time for field work than Vice Presidents, but even so a CEO has been known to go on a month long Sabbatical to keep their fighting skills in practice. They routinely display their influence and proficency in negitiations and in combat. Once per Day, an Executive Officer can add a +5 competence bonus to any attack roll or Skill check.

MandalMotors Corp

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