Vasco Raan

Former Alliance Intelligance Operative


Vasco Raan CL 12

Medium Rodian scoundrel 6/soldier 1/gunslinger 3/saboteur 2
Destiny 4; Force 12
Init +10; Senses heightened awareness, low-light vision; Perception +13
Languages Basic, Rodese, 3 unassigned

Defenses Ref 30 (flat-footed 26), Fort 25, Will 28
hp 82; Threshold 25; Galactic Alliance Military Training
Immune +5 to Fortitude Defense against extreme heat and cold effects

Speed 6 squares, Running Attack
Melee by weapon 9
Ranged heavy blaster pistol + 14 (3d8
7) or
Ranged missile launcher + 13 (6d6+8, 2-square burst) or
Ranged hold-out blaster + 13 (3d4+7) or
Ranged blaster carbine + 13 (3d8+6) or
Ranged blaster carbine + 8 (3d8+6) with autofire or
Ranged blaster pistol + 13 (3d6+7)
Base Atk + 9; Grp + 13
Atk Options autofire (blaster carbine), Careful Shot [Core p.82], Deadeye [Core p.84], Devastating Attack (, Jedi Consular), Find Openings [RECG p.25], Point Blank Shot [Core p.87], Precise Shot [Core p.87], Slowing Shot [TUR p.31]
Special Actions Knack 1/day, Quick Draw

Abilities Str 10, Dex 19, Con 12, Int 17, Wis 14, Cha 12
Special Qualities trusty sidearm +1
Talents Debilitating Shot [Core p.216], Devastating Attack [Core p.53], Device Jammer [TFU p.56], Find Openings [RECG p.25], Knack [Core p.46], Security Slicer [TFU p.27], Slowing Shot [TUR p.31]
Feats Careful Shot [Core p.82], Deadeye [Core p.84], Galactic Alliance Military Training [LECG p.36], Point Blank Shot [Core p.87], Precise Shot [Core p.87], Quick Draw [Core p.87], Running Attack [Core p.88], Skill Training [Core p.88], Weapon Proficiency (heavy weapons, pistols, rifles, simple weapons) [Core p.89]
Skills Deception + 12, Gather Information + 12, Mechanics + 14, Perception + 13 (may reroll but must keep the result of the reroll even if worse), Persuasion + 12, Pilot + 15, Stealth + 15, Use Computer + 14
Possessions blaster carbine with spare power pack, blaster pistol, 5000 credits, heavy blaster pistol (tech specialist mod; +1 attack) with spare power pack, hold-out blaster with spare energy cell, missile launcher (tech specialist mod; +2 damage) with spare magazine, utility belt (3 day food supply, medpac, tool kit, power pack, energy cell, glow rod, comlink, liquid cable dispenser), field kit (2 condensing canteens, sunshield roll, 7 day food supply, 24 filters, 12 atmospher canisters, 2 glow rods, 2 breath masks, all-temperature cloak), sensor pack

Previous notes

Class: Scoundrel
Level 6
XP: 15385

Age: 23 Race: Rodian Sex: M
Height: 1.7m Weight: 66 kg

Str 10 +0
Dex 16 +3
Int 14 +2
Con 11 +0
Wis 15 +2
Cha 12 +1

Reflex +21 Fort +16 Will +19
Hit Points: 40
Initiative: +6
Move (Sq): 6
BAB: +4
Melee Attack +4
Ranged Attack +7
Force Points: 3
Darkside Points: 0
Destiny Points: 3

Low Light Vision
WP: Blaster Pistol
WPp: Simple Wpns
Point Blank Shot (1)
Precise Shot
Running Attack
W Focus: Pistols (
Quick Draw


Perception +10
Computer Use +10
Gather Info +9
Mechanics +10
Deception +9
Stealth +11
Persuasion +9

Blaster Pistol 8 3d63
Hold-out Pistol 8 3d43
Blaster Carbine (1 Mod) +8 3d83
Unarmed 4 1d43

Credits: 1000

Tool Kit 1kg
Glow rod 1kg
Comlink 0.1kg
Med-pak 1kg
Liquid-cable dispenser 0.2kg
Utility belt 0.6kg
Power pack 0.1kg
Ion greneade 1kg
Stun greneade 1kg
Blaster Pistol 1kg
Blaster carbine (Modified) 2.2kg
Hold-out 0.5kg

Total Weight: 9.7kg


Born on Coruscant, joined the Galactic Alliance military and was assigned to an intelligence team during the war. Towards the end of the war, his cell was compromised and his team was captured. Before they could be transferred for interrogation, a commando unit freed most of them but they were forced to split up and go underground. By the time he made contact with the GA, the war was over and the Empire had won. With nothing certain to go back to, he became a refugee and linked up with an unusual band of others freedom fighters and now wanders the galaxy trying to make his was and help those who would oppose the new order.

Vasco Raan

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