Devrin Sharn

Miralukan Jedi


Devrin Sharn CL 12

Medium Miraluka Jedi 7/Jedi Knight 5
Destiny 6; Force 12
Init +15; Senses Force sight; Perception +14
Languages Basic, Binary, Mando’a, Miralukese

Defenses Ref 28 (flat-footed 24), Fort 25, Will 27; Block, Deflect, Shii-Cho
hp 119; Threshold 25

Speed 6 squares
Melee lightsaber + 18 (2d8+10) or
Melee lightsaber + 18 (2d8+14) with both hands or
Melee lightsaber + 16 (3d8+14) with Rapid Strike or
Melee lightsaber + 16 (2d8+10) and lightsaber + 15 (2d8+10) or
Melee lightsaber + 14 (3d8+10) and lightsaber + 13 (3d8+10) with Rapid Strike or
Melee lightsaber + 17 (2d8+10) or
Melee lightsaber + 17 (2d8+14) with both hands or
Melee lightsaber + 15 (3d8+14) with Rapid Strike or
Melee combat gloves + 16 (1d4+7) or
Melee combat gloves + 14 (2d4+7) with Rapid Strike
Ranged by weapon + 16
Base Atk + 12; Grp + 16
Atk Options Dual Weapon Mastery, Rapid Strike
Special Actions Equilibrium, Mobile Combatant
Force Powers Known (Use The Force +19) battle strike (2), farseeing, mind trick, move object, negate energy, rebuke (2), surge (2), disarming slash, hawk-bat swoop
Force Regimens Known (Use The Force +19) Sparring Practice, Training Remote, Vo’ren’s First Cadence, Vo’ren’s Second Cadence
Force Techniques Force Point Recovery, Improved Battle Strike

Abilities Str 10, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 16
Special Qualities build lightsaber
Talents Ataru, Block, Deflect, Equilibrium, Force Harmony, Mobile Combatant, Shii-Cho
Feats Dual Weapon Mastery I, Dual Weapon Mastery II, Force Regimen Mastery, Force Sensitivity, Force Training (3), Rapid Strike, Skill Focus (Use the Force), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers, simple weapons)
Skills Acrobatics + 15, Initiative + 15, Perception + 14, Use the Force + 19
Possessions combat gloves, lightsaber (tech specialist mod; +1 attack), lightsaber (tech specialist mod; +1 attack) with spare special energy cell, utility belt (3 day food supply, medpac, tool kit, power pack, energy cell, glow rod, comlink, liquid cable dispenser)

Mobile Combatant: Swift action; choose one opponent you’re adjacent to, if that opponent moves before the beginning of your next turn you may move with them up to your Speed.
Equilibrium: Swift Action; spend a Force Point, remove all debilitating conditions affecting you and move to the top of the Condition Track
Ataru: Use Dex bonus instead of Str to determine damage bonus with lightsabers
Shii-cho: The cumulative penalty to Deflect and Block checks is reduced to -2, instead of -5 per additional attempt each round.

Organization Score (Jedi Order): 22
Organization Rank: Jedi Knight
Organization Benefits: Devrin Sharn gains a +2 bonus to his Will Defense while within 12 squares of another member of the Jedi Order. He can spend a Force Point make a Gather Information check, using his Organization Score as the modifier to the Skill check instead of their Gather Information skill.


Born with a twin brother, Perra, on the very much off the beaten track Miralukan homeworld, Devrin and Perra were posessed of a high sense of duty and honor. When word of the events in the galaxy began to reach them, they both decided to seek passage off their homeworld to the nearest Jedi Academy to find training. They did so, with their parents’ blessing.

Devrin hopes to be able to learn enough to be able to teach others of his people – as those who are innately Force Sensative, he feels that they have a responsibility to the Force and the Galaxy at large to turn these talents to the betterment of all.

Sadly, the Sith assault on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant put a lot of these plans on hold. With the death of his master, Devrin is mostly self-taught at this point, progressing through meditation and self-training. He’s fallen in with a group of ne’er-do-wells, and is gallivanting about trying to get in and out of trouble as the Force dictates.

Because in the end, all is the will of the Force.

Update: Chapter Four.
Place: Enarc System.

Shortly after the dockhands left, Devrin walked into the cargo hold of the Bright Future. Pausing when he reached the center, he put down the large sack he carried and held himself still as he felt the locations of the new supplies they had taken on. Sighing slightly, he moved to carry some of the crates around to create a little more room in the middle of the hold before he returned to his sack and began to remove its contents, seemingly by rote. Wax cylinders began to form a pile next to the kneeling Miralukan, and were followed by boxes full of metal ball bearings.

Many, many ball bearings.

Tossing the now empty bag to the side, Devrin stood up and began to stretch. He took his time about it, eventually shifting into slow martial arts forms. His face was a careful study in blankness, and it never seemed to be looking in the direction of his movement. People with eyes tended to be able to be misled by this, and he wasn’t above using what little advantages he could. Fifteen minutes later, he stopped, took a deep breath, and started to carefully place the wax cylinders around him. He did so slowly, carefully, but with conviction, not shifting them around after they touched the deck.

His mind wandered as his body went about its work. He didn’t need to think about what he was doing, and this let him find the serenity in motion that he had been lacking of late. He thought of his brother, and wondered where he might be and how he was doing. Devrin worried about him, and chafed at his inability to help. He took a breath, placed a cylinder, and put these thoughts aside.

He thought back to Master Katarn, and felt sorrow at only having known him for so short a time, and for his having passed to the Force. It was done peacefully and well though, so he set these thoughts aside easily, and with a small amount of satisfaction.

He kept about this as he moved around the deck with his pile of wax. Thoughts about the past (moments of training sequences with Perrin, thoughts of battle, images of laughter), the present (Naboo? That should make Keet happy.), the future (Khan’s wife, Darth Pyre, and if the Council will ever come out of hiding – or should it?). His friends, his companions, his enemies. Thoughts about the Order, his own progress. Should he take an apprentice? Perhaps he should – it would force him to work on his basics. He decided as he placed the last cylinder that there was no need to search for one, though. He knew when the student was ready, the master would appear. The reverse shouldn’t be any different.

He picked up a box of ball bearings and began to retrace his steps. Perhaps an hour had passed since he had begun this exercise, and a second hour began as he carefully placed a bearing on each wax taper. He faintly heard the movement of his crewmates and companions elsewhere on the Bright Future, and he let it pass over and through him. He acknowledged it as it was noticed, took a simple joy in being a part of the life here, and let it pass by. He heard Keet humming to himself as he puttered through the ship. He felt the presence of Fenn in their shared quarters nearby while the Mandalorian sang quietly in Mando’a while tinkering with a breastplate he had made for Devrin. All of this had a counterpoint of the ship’s engines and life support systems thrumming underneath, an understated rumble.

There was a surprising amount of music here, if you just stopped for a little while, Devrin decided as he placed the last bearing.

Turning, he stood in the center of the circle he had made. Two hours had passed, if not more. A long, long time of preparation for this instant of movement.

There was a lesson there, Devrin thought, just before he emptied his mind in a single moment of stillness.

Lightsabers ignited in a flurry of motion and cast wild shadows across the cargo bay. In a heartbeat it was over, and Devrin was left standing motionless in the middle of a circle. He contemplated a moment and nodded, satisfied.

At least, he thought to himself, the cleanup went far more quickly.

Devrin Sharn

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