Ace Karrde

Human Male in his late 20s. Caucassian. Attractive looks. Speaks with a calm, precise manner. Steeples fingers while talking.


Member of the Talons. Was a fellow passenger aboard the Astral Countess with the PCs when it was attacked by the Black Star Pirates. They helped him escape, and Ace offered the heroes a retainer fee for when he needs their services. Ace has hired the PCs to do several tasks for him involving a Rakatan artifact. The artifact led the group to an ancient Rakatan space station known as the Star Crucible. The PCs decided to destroy the artifact, to Ace’s dismay. Ace was still able to access the computers of the station and retrieve an extensive amount of data. He has dismissed the PCs from his employ while he has the information analyzed.

Image courtesy of rmullen, 2008


The party first encountered Ace while he was travelling aboard the Astral Countess, fleeing the Core Worlds when the Sith took over.

Ace Karrde

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