• Ace Karrde

    Ace Karrde

    Human Male in his late 20s. Caucassian. Attractive looks. Speaks with a calm, precise manner. Steeples fingers while talking.
  • B4-A2


    Compact form, Astromech-size and shape. Arms and legs extend out from the body, as does his flattened-dome head.
  • Barster Wall

    Barster Wall

    Human Male in his early 40s. Caucassian. Scarred with rugged looks.
  • Bay Reb Nix

    Bay Reb Nix

    Cerean Male in his early 30s. Fit. Short black braid from top of conical head. Eyes always searching
  • Darth Ikar

    Darth Ikar

    Cathar Female in her late 30s. Lean, lithe frame. Moves by leaping moreso than running. Body is constantly tense, ready to explode with action.
  • Darth Mas

    Darth Mas

    Transdoshan Male approaching middle age. Short, knobby crests over eyes. Skin tattooed red with black markings. Movements are big, sweeping, and precise.
  • Darth Pyre

    Darth Pyre

    Human Male in his early 40s. Red and black tattoos with a shaved head. Constantly smirking, carries himself in a superior demeanor. Legs are now reverse-kneed cybernetics with claw-toed feet.
  • Feorz


    Human Male in his early 50s. Portly. Very caloused hands permanently stained with grease. Critical eye for merchandise.
  • Gale


    Human male in his mid 40s. Very tall and fit. Bald. Rarely speaks, when he does he does not waste words.
  • Genar Vida

    Genar Vida

    Twi'lek male in his late 50s. Deep blue skin. Lekku have mottled tan patches. Dignified.
  • Gosska


    Transdoshan Adult Male. Pale orange skin. Smooth ridges over eyes. "mohawk-like" fin-ridge over top of head (3" high). Stern.
  • Jahana


    Cathar Female young adult. Humanoid with faint cat-like features. Medium length fur with long padawan braid down her back. Mottled tan and grey fur. Perpetual look of age beyond her years.
  • Kolto Hruble

    Kolto Hruble

    Selkath youngling Jedi, pale blue skin with cobalt splotches
  • Ky'Ree Vida

    Ky'Ree Vida

    16-year-old blue Twilek female.
  • Perra Sharn

    Perra Sharn

    A male miralukan jedi padawan
  • Veilus


    A blue-skinned middle-aged MonCal Jedi Master