Star Wars: Bright Future

Season Four; Opening Crawl

It is a dark time for the galaxy. The SITH EMPIRE has tightened its grip and secured a hold over the remnants of the GALACTIC ALLIANCE. The Galactic Alliance fleet is on the run, hiding in the vastness of space to avoid destruction. EMPEROR ROAN FEL is in exile somewhere in the Unknown Regions, having been deposed from his throne. The JEDI ORDER is in hiding, with hundreds of bounty hunters trying to cash in on the bounties placed by the Sith Empire.

The crew of the BRIGHT FUTURE continue their task of fighting against the Sith. VASCO RAAN still has several contacts from his Alliance Intelligence days and has used those contacts to uncover a valuable target of opportunity. It’s a target that could start a resistance movement against the Sith, and move one step closer to victory against the Dark Side.



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