Star Wars: Bright Future

Chapter Two


The heroes needed another place to modify their freighter, so they met up with the wandering shadowport known as the Errant Venture. Met by the ship’s owner, Captain Horn, the heroes were able to re-supply and re-arm themselves.

The Knight-Apprentice, Soln Devist, was approached by a twi’lek trader who wanted to sell him an Imperial Knight’s light saber. Soln discovered that the saber was his mother’s, and after interrogation of the twi’lek it was discovered his mother may still live.

The group travelled to Courlag to a city where Devist’s mother was last seen. She was in a suburb, surrounded by imperial patrols looking for her at the command of another Sith Lord. The heroes ran the blockade, avoided patrols, and rescued Imperial Knight Hawkava-Devist. Having lost both hands to the Sith Lord she was assigned to monitor, she was weak and wounded from her ordeal. Fleeing Imperial patrols, the group decided to head for Geroon II; Ky’ree Vida’s homeworld.



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