Star Wars: Bright Future

Chapter Thirteen: Rha Tol Zelada

When tradition, sports, and politics collide, the outcome is usually messy...

Much has occured in the past few months. True to their word, the Hutt Clans have placed a modest bounty on the heroes’ heads, but the only ones foolish to try and claim it were novices. They were sent packing with little effort.

The concencus of the crew of the Bright Future is that they’ve been too reactive to threats in the Galaxy. Alliance Intelligence Agent, and pilot of the Bright Future, Vasco Raanwants to take to the offensive. To that end, he has made contact with the remnants of the Galactic Alliance for a task that they could undertake against the Sith.

In the meantime, Governor Vida contacts the heroes with a task. He has been spending a considerable amount of time and resources trying to build an organized resistance to oppose the Sith Empire. His intelligence souces have provided information that the Sith Empire is not as consilidated as they claim. Krayt’s fleets are spread thin, trying to enforce his rule in the galaxy. Individual Sith Lords are being sent out with minimal support to bring systems under Krayt’s banner out of fear of reprisals. If enough worlds can be convinved that Krayt’s empire can be resisted, they may be able to disrupt Krayt’s empire long enough for Emperor Fel to retake the throne.

He wants to send his daughter and her companions to the Twi’Lek homeworld of Ryloth. The Vida family clan holds considerable sway over the Sou’Koras (Head Council), and their strong ties to the Galactic Alliance may help bring aid to Geroon II from Admiral Stazi’s Alliance Remnant Fleet. Governor Visa tells Ky’ree that he will contact his sister, Sou’Koras Misso Vida, and have her expect her arrival.



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