Star Wars: Bright Future

Chapter One

It has to start somewhere

The heroes were all refugees aboard the Astral Countess, trying to flee the Core Worlds. Their cruiser came under attack by pirates from the Black Dagger Clan. After repelling the pirates and assisting the other passengers, they met Ace Karrde. Escaping in the Pirate’s own attack freighter, the heroes fled before an Imperial patrol ship arrived to inspect and detain both crews.

The group travelled to Tattooine, so Ace could enlist the help of one of his allies to alter the ship’s transponder. His ally, one of the Darklighter family, was recently killed by a Tusken Raider attack. After speaking with a desert hermit named “Crow” and a local Swoop Gang, it was discovered that Darklighter was killed by his brother as part of some test.

In Mos Eisley, the heroes caught up with the murderous Darklighter and the mysterious Darth Pyre. They defeated them both, with Darth Pyre escaping off a balcony.


We really should check back on Crow sometime.

Because random old men in the desert who have heavy military-grade hardware intrigue me. :)

Chapter One

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