Star Wars: Bright Future

Campaign Update

When last we left our intrepid band...

Months have passed since the crew of the Bright Future were seen and active in the galaxy. They have been laying low, working on their own agendas and tasks. Some have been training, some have been enjoying a brief respite from the conflict in the galaxy. Some have been working, and the fruits of their labors are starting to bear fruit.

On the world of Geroon II, one of the last of the former Imperial Remnant worlds to bend knee to Darth Krayt’s Empire, our heroes meet to discuss their next plan of action. Too long they’ve been reacting to the Sith, to the criminals in the galaxy, and even to the Force. The time has come to seize control of their own destiny, and become a thorn in the Dark Side’s side.

Will the future allow them to stay the course?



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